Premier Oil – SOST Tank

During the summer of 2014 Shetland Maritime Ltd was the local Marine Advisor in Lerwick for the off load of Premier Oil’s Subsea Offshore Storage Tank (SOST) from the Chinese heavy lift vessel. We had already been involved in advising on the design of the tug push pads on the side of the SOST during construction in the Middle East.

During the stay in Lerwick we kept a 24-hour constant watch on the moorings and were responsible for recording line tensions each hour throughout the stay alongside. We were able to fulfil any of the client’s requirements such as work boats, welding, fendering, etc.

On departure from Lerwick we provided crew on top of tank to ballast down to sea towing condition.

SOST Tank float off from heavy lift vessel.

SOST Tank float off from heavy lift vessel.

LPA Tugs and OIC Tugs manoeuvring SOST tank in Breiwick Bay, south of Lerwick.

LPA Tugs and OIC Tugs towing SOST tank into Lerwick harbour.