Contract completed for Subsea 7 Brazil

Shetland Maritime Ltd (SML) recently completed the contract for the testing, assembly and shipping of twelve chain bundles for Subsea 7 Brazil.

Subsea 7 Brazil purchased 600 Tonnes of 132mm chain and then contracted SML to arrange the following services at the Greenhead Base, Lerwick:

  • Chain to be cut into 50 off x 25m lengths.
  • Close inspection of 50 off x 25m chain sections.
  • Non-destructive testing be done on a percentage of the links.
  • Handling of 50 off x 25m chain sections and related rigging components.
  • Assembly of 48 chain lengths into 12 off x 25m chain bundles, each composed by 4 off x 25m chain lengths.
  • Marking off chain bundles to aid ROV operations offshore Brazil.
  • Load-out of 12 off x 25m chain bundles onto designated cargo vessel.

Each chain bundle consisted of four x 25metre lengths of 132mm studded chain connected at each end to connector plates. The total weight of each bundle came to approximately 42Tonnes.

The 25m bundles, which will form part of the lowering equipment for the installation of

4 off mid-water buoys, as part of the Guara Lula-NE project in Brazil which is in water depths of 2200metres.

The chain bundles were loaded on to the cargo vessel Wilson Saar for shipment to Arendal, Norway for onward shipment to Brazil.

Shetland Maritime Ltd would like to thank Peterson SBS, LEF Engineering, Ocean Kinetics and Malakoff Ltd for their cooperation and assistance throughout this project.